MGF Wills



 Michael K. - Hook, Hampshire

"As a soon to be retired unmarried couple each with children from earlier marriages it was important for us to arrange our wills to ensure that our property and goods were bequeathed appropriately. It was something we had put off, but a sudden health problem for one of us meant that we suddenly needed to attend to our wills urgently. Marie was able to discuss and advise us our best options and prepared and completed our wills in very short time. Marie was not only expedient but was extremely helpful and patient throughout the process."  

Anne R. - Farnborough, Hampshire

 "As an unmarried couple with children, getting Wills drawn up was one of those things that you know you need to do, but keep putting off as there doesn't seem to be any urgency. When we saw a cheap offer for mirror wills on Groupon, we thought now was the time.  The will provided seemed a little scant on detail, so we asked Marie to look it over. She pointed out many, many errors and omissions which enabled us to get our money back from Groupon, and drew us up a much more thorough pair of wills which we now feel very confident in, that ensure our family will be provided for in the event of either or both of our deaths." 

Lee H. - Morden, London

 "Really pleased with the service my wife and I received from MGF Wills.  We have just had our 3rd baby and were keen to sort out a will - it was something we had been meaning to do since having our 1st child!  Very smooth process and so much easier than we had anticipated!  Marie provided lots of in depth information suitable for our individual needs. Very professional - would highly recommend."  

Victoria M. - Wells, Somerset

 "My husband and I were really nervous about going on a short holiday and leaving our 2 kids behind because we hadn't sorted out a will.  I spoke with Marie and she was so thorough and re-assuring.  She gave us great advice and now we have total peace of mind that should anything happen to us we know our children will be looked after." 

Mark C. - Fleet, Hampshire

 "Marie was very thorough, but the process was quick, professional and easy to follow." 

Lyndsey H. - Kenley, Surrey

 "Will writing can be confusing and it's so important to get right. Marie helped my husband and I to write our will in a personalised manner to suit us and our children. It's such a weight off of our minds knowing that the will has been done now as it is something that we kept putting off. An excellent service that we highly recommend. Thank you."  

Jonathon C. - Farnborough, Hampshire

 "Marie provided us with a pair of very comprehensive wills which we feel confident exhaustively cover all circumstances and in my and/or my partner's death.  We have 3 children, the eldest of which is 18, so there were several eventualities to consider including supporting the children through school and further education."