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Trust Wills

A Simple Will is not usually suitable for people with minor children, people who have children from a previous relationship, people who may have to consider the care of dependants with special needs or people with generally more complex Estates.  Trust Wills would normally be set up for these situations.

Furthermore, in some situations it may be necessary to complete other paperwork, especially where someone owns property as joint tenants - if this is the case a Deed of Severance is normally required as without one any joint property passes by the doctrine of survivorship and not according to the instructions in a Will. A deed of Severance can be organised at your initial Will writing appointment for a small additional fee.

When you make a Will, the people who you’d like to receive your estate are known as beneficiaries. It may be that you don’t want those beneficiaries to receive their inheritance directly. Trust Wills allow you to set up special instructions to hold assets on behalf of your beneficiaries. You appoint Trustees (people you trust) to administer the assets on your behalf. 


Trust Wills can also be used where you have children from a previous relationship who you want to benefit, or where you’re leaving your estate to a vulnerable person who’ll need assistance to manage their inheritance. Most people don’t even consider that they’d need a Trust for their children if themselves and their partner were to die at the same time. You could also use a Trust Will to protect the value of your estate for your children in the event that your current partner re-married in the future, incurred large care fees, or simply changed the wishes in their will after you died.  


What Do I Need to do Next?

The process of making a Will is extremely straightforward. Appointments are available on days and times that are convenient for you – including evenings and weekends. 

The first appointment takes approximately 1 hour. During this appointment I will ask you questions so that I can gain and understanding of your estate and what you would like to happen upon your death. Once I have taken your initial instructions, I will then prepare your will in accordance with those instructions and send you a draft copy for approval. When you are 100% satisfied with your Will, I will then arrange a 2nd appointment to come back out and see you so that you can execute your Will. This appointment will take no longer than 30 minutes.


Call 01252 26 88 62 to arrange an appointment or email: